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studio di architettura bollati

The architecture study is born in 1992 and in the course of the years it has been distinguished for the numerous collaborations with several professionals of the field. The various professional experiences have contributed to increase and to value the single formative distance and the cultural background of the various members.

Since the 2000 precious one has been the collaboration with architect Luca Silvio Balconi who has participated in determining way to the formation of a solid cultural and professional union.
In the course of the years the study has assumed a role of forges for professional training of many collaborators and stagisti are of high school (collaboration with Istituto Dell'Acqua of Legnano) that of the Polytechnic of Milan.

In the 2012 he is assistant, with a role of absolute relief, to the compages of the collaborators geometrician Liptyesky who, with its dedication and technical preparation, has donated new positive energies under consideration of architecture.

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